Deck Restoration and Refinishing

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Deck Restoration, Refinishing & Repair

Don’t let your deck go unprotected this Winter!

Deckmaster Fine Decks is the leading company in deck restoration and refinishing in Sonoma County. We have returned hundreds of decks to like-new appearance, all around the North Bay. If your deck hasn’t been maintained perhaps the nails are popping up and the surface is rough and splintery. Then it’s time to do that all-important maintenance so that you can get many more years out of your wood deck. We’d like to say that refinishing your deck could be quick and easy. But the truth is, it is a big job that takes lots of know-how. Our company, Deckmaster Fine Decks, has a refinishing division that can revitalize your deck. We know just what your deck needs.

Deckmaster Fine Decks is proud to feature the top rated and top performing finish:

Cutek Extreme – Fine Deck Stain

30 years ago Peter Reid, chemist and founder of CUTEK,  started talking with architects in New Zealand and Australia. He noticed that they loved wood but were very cautious about the use of stains and sealers because they frequently ended with bad experiences. He decided to develop a product that could resolve this issue and created CUTEK Extreme, a synthetic oil to protect exterior wood. Peter has continued his quest to enhance wood stability for the last 30 years. Architects in Australia embrace working with wood and have reached high levels of expertise with this noble material. The Australian Timber Awards  ( is an initiative that recognizes the best architectural projects in wood every year in different categories. CUTEK Extreme has been used in 7 out of 10 of the awarded projects. CUTEK Extreme was recently rated  #1 wood care product in the US as per Professional Deck Magazine. After a  9 month trial of 22 finishes the editor’s TOP CHOICE was CUTEK Extreme. See the tests and results at:

CUTEK Extreme takes a completely different approach to wood care. Instead of encapsulating the wood like most coatings, it gets deep into the wood and protects from within. CUTEK Extreme is hydrophobic, repelling water. This changes the hydroscopic nature of the wood (continuous exchange of moisture).  It reduces its swelling, cupping, twisting and checking dramatically, increasing the service life of wood. CUTEK Extreme has a powerful biocidal effect preventing the formation of mold and fungi. CUTEK Extreme comes as a clear oil and will allow wood to lighten and silver over time while still providing long term protection. If longer color retention is desired there are the Colortones, translucent colors that enhance the beauty of the wood.

Angie’s List Review:

“We had two old decks that didn’t have anything done to them for several years. They washed everything and restored the wood. The work turned very well! They seemed to have real good knowledge on what to do. Everyone was quick, polite, and helpful. The owner seemed to be real good as well. He came to inspect it first then the workman showed up. I liked them and they did a great job.” — A. Burns, Sebastopol, CA.
  • Here is what we will do for you:
    • Remove your furniture and plants from the deck.
    • Clean out all debris from between the boards. If the spaces between your deck boards are filled with organic material, the deck lacks ventilation and the boards begin to rot.
    • Set loose nails or tighten screws. If the nails are popping up high enough we can remove them and replace them with deck screws.
    • Hand-scrub the deck with deck cleaner.
    • Brighten with non-toxic Brightener.
    • Rinse thoroughly to remove all residual chemicals and debris. Our highly skilled technicians CAREFULLY use a high-pressure washer. In the wrong hands pressure washing can cause irreparable damage.
    • Apply stain selected to blend with the existing color.
    • Replace your furniture and plants.

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Diamond Certified Reviews:

These people know exactly how to rehabilitate your wood. My deck is quite old, but after they finished it, it looked fabulous and it shines. They help with the heavy stuff, getting it off the deck. They stay until it is perfect. Their professionalism was the best. They give you the feeling that they are going to show you what your money is being spent on. They make decks look brand new. They don’t brag. They are just professionals.
Bill W.

Santa Rosa, CA.

They’re honest and prompt. We have an old deck, and they did a great job refinishing it. I’ve recommended them numerous times, and I can’t say enough good things about them. The quality of the work, and they were so pleasant to work with. They may cost a little more, but it’s worth it in the long run.” 
Carol T.

Calistoga, CA.