“High Five” Railing with a View in sonoma County, California

This expansive deck commands views of the whole Sonoma Valley all the way to San Pablo Bay. Our challenge was to preserve the view without incurring the expense of stainless steel cable rail. The solution was to use “High Five” square wire panels. These come in 5’x16’ panels of galvanized #4 wire that is extremely rigid and durable. We used a metal cutting grinder blade to cut each section to fit. Each cut wire end was then painted with red oxide paint to prevent future rust. The result was the great view you see here at a much lower cost than cable rail.


Our client chose construction heart redwood for its beauty and durability. We installed it using our patented Deckmaster Hidden Brackets so there are no holes or screw heads to mar the surface of the deck. The Deckmaster Bracket also prevents water from penetrating into the joist so the new deck should last three times longer than the deck it replaced.